Intimate Silence
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1. Thomas Hessler - Pearl
2. Kas:st - Are We Alone In The Universe
3. Silent-One - Snakes
4. Pär Grindvik - FZ Kolarbo
5. PVNV - Squal
6. Głós - Silk (Figurine)
Thomas Hessler, Kas:st, Pär Grindvik, Głós, PVNV and Intimate Silence boss Silent-One team up for six alleviating, ambient cuts entitled ‘Traces’. The Stuttgart based label have been making rapid progression within the beatless techno community since establishing themselves back in 2016. In addition to releasing ambient soundscapes to the highest standard they hold a regular radio show on Rinse France which acts as a firm reflection for their intricate, drone-based sounds. ‘Traces’ includes tracks from a new wave of promising techno names who offered earlier contributions on the label including PVNV, Glos and boss Silent-One, as well as IMF’s Thomas Hessler, French duo and Flyance label chiefs Kas:st and Swedish figurehead Pär Grindvik. Hessler’s ‘Pearl’ kicks off with warm pads, winding synth progression and delicate atmospheres before Kas:st’s ‘Are We Alone In The Universe’ delivers levitating ambience through tranquil chords, angelic leads and resonating stabs. Silent-One’s ‘Snakes’ then patiently deploys growling tones wonderfully balanced with tense waves of shimmering low end. Pär Grindvik lightens things up with ‘FZ Kolarbo’ which fuses uplifting elements and mellifluous notes with alluring charm whilst twisting melodies and euphoric modulations become ever present in PVNV’s emotive builder ‘Squal’. Głós’ ‘Silk (Figurine)’ then finishes things off by balancing calming voices, healing harmonics and trance-inducing softness.
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