Intimate Silence
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Mind EP
1. Mind End
2. Homeback
3. Threshold
Intimate Silence is back for its third installment–and turning its focus to France this time, away from the woods and off to the shore. Known to be one of the curators of Taapion Records and an acteur in the Parisian scene, PVNV already gave us a hint of his knack for dreamy spheres floating underneath the Techno-ish foundation of his tracks with his previous work. On his „Mind“ EP, he gets rid of the beats this time, and makes room for the sweetest melodies, grounded on arpeggio structures on 'Mind End' that still manage to give you an idea of rhythm. 'Home Back' makes you want to just drift on and on and open your eyes again when the sun already sets, just to give you enough strength to steer your boat back to the port with 'Threshold'. With this three tracks, PVNV finds just the right range and gives us a ride that pays justice to why we're loving Ambient music so much.
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